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On demand outsourced It services

Quality services at affordable rates 

 Ceebox is  a provider of offshore IT services in area of web development &web application programming, e-commerce & e-marketing, as well as variety of traditional IT services. Skills gap in modern economy is growing especially in IT. We are  happy to close this gap serving clients from EU and US.

 Need for new web or e-commerce site, mobile application for your company? You want to expand your IT based services to consume more of your clients IT budget,  but lacking necessary skills? You want to grow your development team?

 We hire talented people from Poland and other CEE (Central & Eastern Europe) to provide quality service rendered flexibly at affordable rates

We can:

  •  Provide necessary skills basing on hourly, daily on monthly rates. 
  •  Secure for our clients FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employees.
  •  Deliver ready projects in area of web, e-commerce or custom software development
  •  Render long term Support or Remote Systems Management Services 

 You may:

  •  Use our services for benefit of your enterprise
  •  Use them as OEM or white box and resell to your clients